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Single for New Year's: No Date? No Problem!

3 Ways to Rock the New Year With Your Girlfriends
By Marina Sbrochi for

Is there a law stating that you have to have a date for New Year's Eve? I didn't think so. Is there a law saying you have to kiss someone at midnight? I didn't think so. The same crony that invented Valentine's Day coined a kiss on New Year's Eve. Or at least that's the story I'm telling. Why do we feel this great pressure to have a date for New Year's Eve? For marketing purposes, most likely. It's a tradition, they say. To heck with tradition, start your own!

Don't wait for plans to come your way. Make the plans now. Think about your ideal way to ring in the new year. What's going to set the tone for the new year? Have gratitude for the year past and wish prosperity and happiness for the year to come. You can do it and you can have fun doing it. Get your friends fired up too. Enthusiasm is contagious.

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Think as if you are seated for a tasting from a fabulous chef. He wants to prepare you duck, three ways. You can think of New Years Eve like this fancy meal from the greatest chef. Whichever style of the dish you choose, you know it's going to be great.

So, let's take a look at New Year's Eve, three ways.

Up in the club

You're gonna party like it's New Year's Eve and nothing is stopping you. Date or no date, you have a table at the hottest club in town. It's you, your friends and about 500 strangers. There is no doubt that everyone will be friends by tomorrow. Bottle service. Beautiful people. Dancing all night. You don't care what happens as long as the beat drops right at midnight.

House party

You don't feel like going out with all the amateurs tonight. You and your friends have been there, clubbed that. However, you still like to party. Here comes all of your great friends over to your sweet house. "Groove Salad" is playing on The food is catered and the drinks are flowing. It's about 20 people. Just enough to be a party and small enough to really get to hang. This new years celebration still says party -- with kisses for everyone. You are all great friends.

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Destination Relaxation

New Year's Eve doesn't have to be a raging party. You don't need a DJ. This New Year's Eve is all about the hottest destination you and your single besties have been planning to visit all year. Renting a house in the mountains. Just the girls, some great wine and big fire. Having fun, telling jokes, painting toenails and feeling so lucky to have such great friends. he best way to begin the new year is with your favorite people.

Take the pressure off yourself to have a date and get a kiss at midnight. Instead, get yourself fired up to have the best time with your friends. The only stress is which awesome thing are you going to do on New Year's Eve. So, what's it gonna be? My guess, if you put some thought into it and resolve to have fun, it will be great!

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