09/18/2013 12:32 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2013

What Katie Couric Can Teach Us About Being Open For Love

By Jane Greer, Ph.D. for

Journalist and talk show host Katie Couric has happily confirmed her engagement to John Molner. She reports that she was "stunned" when the financier proposed but has made no secret of her excitement. The two began dating in the Spring of 2012.

Katie, who lost her first husband Jay Monahan to colon cancer 15 years ago when he was just 42, was open about her hopes to remarry one day. She has had a handful of relationships over the years but never seemed to find "the one." She dated American businessman Tom Werner for four years starting in 2000, and had a one year romance with musician Chris Botti that ended amicably in 2005. Katie also dated Brooks Perlin, an entrepreneur, who was 17 years her junior. She and Perlin were together nearly five years but again decided things weren't meant to be.

Katie told People magazine, "I knew that I wanted this... I made it a priority, and I pursued it with some purpose." She is a good example to anyone out there hoping to find love and marriage. She knew without a doubt that she wanted to have and be a partner again. It is so important to hold on to the vision of what we want for ourselves, as she did. In order to do that, keep your eye on the ball. Be willing to do the heavy lifting, which in this case means putting yourself out there.

Even if you wish you could stay home, make the push because the person you end up meeting that night might be the one, or might become a friend who has a great brother. It increases your opportunity to make connections you won't make if you stay home and watch TV. Also, let others know what your goal is, and ask them to help by thinking about who they know, someone who might be a good match for you. But that alone isn't enough. You have to circle back around and follow through making sure your number was given, or that you can get a number, thereby closing the deal and setting up a possible meeting, which is just what Katie did.

Be willing to take a risk. Katie had a variety of different relationships, and dated one man who was much younger. She didn't lock herself into a certain type, but was open to various possibilities. You, too, should try to remain open to meeting new and different people along the way. Have patience and know that when you commit yourself to whatever it is you want, it clears the way for another person to be able to commit to you as well.

For all of you out there looking for love and commitment, Couric is a role model. Even after a few break-ups, she didn't get discouraged. She is a testimony to the power of perseverance.

As my great Aunt Rose used to say, it may be a long time in coming, but it will come. Here's to it being Katie's time, and may the best be yet to come.


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