03/27/2014 12:49 pm ET Updated May 27, 2014

I'm a Religious Millennial

I'm a religious millennial. I belong to the Presbyterian Church USA. The faith family to which I belong does not condemn, but accepts all for who they are. Not all Christian faiths teach condemnation and alienation. I once heard my faith described as this "we mainly focus on the things we should be doing, not the things we shouldn't be doing." Loving each other as God created us is a huge teaching my faith focuses on. Our evangelism is one of inviting to come and listen. There is no guilt, shame or fear involved. We invite, we don't intimidate.

I believe that a religious revolution will occur soon, one that embraces the teaching of love that the Christian faith is built around, but does not always exhibit. This revolution will be lead by God-loving millennials like me. Ones who believe God loves all her children and wants them to love each other. Millennials who believe the grace of God is big enough for everyone. I do not spread the teachings of Christ because I'm trying to save people's mortal souls. Only God has the power to save. I spread the love of Christ because my life has been enriched through my faith journey and the community my faith surrounds me with.

The Christians who use their faith as ammunition to promote their own discriminatory ideology do not understand that the God who created them, created all of us. And that god loves all his children regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, gender or political views.

I encourage all those who have been pushed away from the church because of who they are to try to find a home in an accepting church. They are out there. I live in Texas and my home church is an accepting and loving one. I tell you that you are loved, and I'm sorry my brothers and sisters have not treated you like the beautiful child of god that you are.