07/05/2014 04:37 pm ET Updated Sep 04, 2014

The Importance of Process in Achieving Results

Process and Not End Result Is the Key to Success

The main thing is that everyone is trying to seek a "bottom line result or answer" either by beating a test or getting to the end result like getting a degree without concentrating on the enjoyment of the process, or without asking what is motivating himself or herself to pursue the field that he or she is involved in. My presentation for the Marin County Board of Education addresses much of this. It can be accessed here.

Now the College Board is revising the SAT to compete with the ACT and not primarily because they are really interested in getting students to become more successful in college and creative in their studies. The beautiful thing is that because of the evergreen and "common sense" nature of the strategies, the strategies I've developed will work on any standardized test and enable one to not only get the enjoyment out of the "process" but get the result they really need. I would not have been able to sustain and increase my interest for learning and thinking had I been only concentrating on the end result. The "process" and the "enjoyment of the process" is the key to success.