01/02/2013 04:02 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

"Why Pajamas Are Great!"

Happy New Year! I thought a refreshing yet comforting way to ring in the New Year would be to share some insights we've received from the children we see at Pajama Program about why pajamas are great!

1. "You can run in them." (age 5)
Yes, this is true, I have tried it. Just beware of sliding on floors if slippers are on your feet.

2. "You can eat in them."(age 5)
Also true. I find that banana splits are most delicious when wearing pajamas but milk and cookies taste good too.

3. "Pajamas are fun to wear" (age 6)
I agree. I find that I smile more when wearing pajamas.

4. "They are very warm. They also feel cozy" (age 8)
Almost as warm as a coat but prettier.

5. "I like my pajamas because they fit." (age 9)
It's upsetting to know children have been wearing clothing that doesn't fit them. I can't imagine a restful sleep in too-tight clothes that pinch and pull. Pajamas have to be comfortable in order to be cozy (see #4 above)

6. "Pajamas make me laugh." (age 7)
He probably got our silly penguin pajamas.

7. "They are fuzzy" (age 7)
I'm guessing fuzzy is the same as cozy

8."They make me feel safe" (age 8)
We hear this a lot and I wish I didn't know some of the stories I know about why some of the children don't feel safe.

9. "I like to sit in my pajamas and play games." (age 11)
I've heard your chances of winning are greatly increased when you play in your pajamas.

10. Pajamas make me sleep better.
More dreams, fewer nightmares.

How can I sum up why pajamas are great? I think this does it...
"I like pajamas because I like to were (wear) them that's why I like pajamas. They cool." (age 8)