04/11/2007 11:18 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ann Coulter on Imus

The best thing that has happened to Imus is the announcement yesterday of who is the biological father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby girl. Now for the real news... Who gets custody of the baby? Who gets the money? Who deals with the grandmother? What happens with the will? What will all that cost? What do the lawyers get? All juicy questions for the insatiable appetite of our twenty-four hour, multi-channel news outlets.

But in just a few all too brief moments, the interest was back on matters of more (?) importance.

At least the media monster has been fed some new, fresh meat so we can refocus our attention on the pending American Idol scandal and pay more intense attention once more to Britney's panties and Lindsay's rehab as we await Paris' latest porno tapes so we can forget about the war, all because John McCain felt safe in Bagdad... WOW

Ann Coulter was the first one to return to the Imus incident after the Anna Nicole announcement. And now, guess what? She is suddenly quoting Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as her new gurus.

Neil Cavuto made a great point today with Ann's comment about the widows of 9/11, who she attacked with great venom. Ann said she could do that because the widows were public figures, but they weren't until Ann herself made them public figures. Ann attacks anyone and everyone with much more demeaning language than Imus ever has used. She does not attack with just a three word ethnic slur... Not my Annie! She attacks people's patriotism, morality, intentions, honesty and even their motives written with the worst kind of innuendo in entire poison pen chapters filled with misinformation.

I always love her defense of Rush. She totally ignored the O'Reilly "Loofa" episode. No mention that the same politicians who she criticizes for going on Imus also go on with Rush and with O'Reilly, so I guess to her a drug dealing charge and a multi-million dollar sexual harassment lawsuit settlement are not as offensive as a stupid, tasteless, racial slur.

Ann will continue to give the pill-purchasing, pill-popping Rush a pass. Then she can return to beating up on those Lousy Gawdless Liberals.

For her, the Imus episode won't go away if only because he is one of those Lousy Liberals.