08/01/2012 08:37 am ET Updated Sep 30, 2012

Georgia Gould's Training Playlist

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These are all songs off my current workout playlist -- some are old, some are new, some are super cheesy... But they all have beats that get me going and motivate me to dig deeper during my tough training rides. When I am training alone (especially when it's cold out) I find riding with music helps me to stay motivated and positive. I also use this playlist when I am warming up for my races. Enjoy!

Little Bird -- Annie Lennox
Request+Line -- Black Eyed Peas
All Night -- Damian "Jr Gong" Marley (not available on Spotify)
Gold On The Ceiling -- The Black Keys
Kissed It -- Macy Gray
Train -- Goldfrapp
Da Da Da I Don't Love You -- Trio
Steal My Sunshine -- Len
Hey Ya! -- Outkast
Good Feeling -- Flo Rida
The Sweet Escape -- Gwen Stefani
Wild, Wild West -- Escape Club
Beverly Hills -- Weezer
Do You Wanna Touch Me -- Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (not available on Spotify)
You Don't Know What Love Is -- The White Stripes
Work It Out -- Jurassic 5
Let's Go -- The Cars
Beautiful -- Moby
I've Got Your Man -- Lady Saw
Family Affair -- Mary J Blige
Luv Me Luv Me -- Shaggy

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