03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

JFK Photo A Fake

The TMZ "never-before" published photo of JFK which someone kept in a drawer and managed to conveniently mangle for more than 50 years turns out to be of questionable provenance. The original photo, still in excellent condition, was found among the personal family notebooks of none other than the daughter of another president from a slightly later era. The original reveals just how much manipulation was done to the original, and a close look will reveal that the picture of JFK has, in fact, been superimposed on that of another president of the United States.

We cannot disclose at this time how this original came into our possession, but the story is that if the president in this picture had ever allowed it to be seen, it would have destroyed his reputation as a guy who was always in a suit, even when walking on the beach. Two of the frolicking women have been identified so far only by their first names -- Tricia and Julie. More details to follow.