04/14/2014 04:26 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2014


Instead of voters picking politicians, why are politicians deciding on who has the right to vote?

Instead of Congress governing, why is Congress obstructing its governance?

Instead of the Supreme Court supporting the Constitution, why are they making rulings that are killing it?

Instead of America being a functioning democracy, why are voters allowing it to become a plutocracy?

Instead of trying to spread democracy throughout the world, why don't we fix the problems at home?

Instead of allowing unlimited campaign funds and calling it freedom of speech, why not call it what it is, a way to buy the elections and drown out the average American's voice by a few billionaires and millionaires?

Instead of cutting taxes on the rich, why not increase them on the wealthiest Americans who usually don't pay their fair share as it is?

Instead of shareholders allowing CEOs to raise their already astronomical salaries, why don't they insist on raising the minimum wage?

Instead of being pro-life, why not be pro-lifestyle and make sure that women and children have the things they need to thrive, not just be born and left to flounder?

Instead of wanting to repeal the ACA, Medicare and Social Security, why not support food stamps, Pre-K for all kids, and safety nets that help people, rather than austerity measures that harm them?

Instead of the government trying to limit women's health care choices, why not improve them by not shutting down women's clinics that provide mammograms and other necessary medical care?

Instead of working to increase our military budget, why don't we spend the money on feeding the hungry, rebuilding our infrastructure and educating our kids?

Instead of obstructing votes to increase jobs and grow the economy, why not pass a jobs bill and put Americans back to work?

Instead of doing nothing about Wall Street crooks and regulations, why not hold the people who crashed our economy accountable and put them in jail where they belong?

Instead of continuing to accept that more than one person dies of gunshot wounds in our country every hour, why not pass stricter background checks and reasonable gun regulations, eliminating assault weapons and large magazine clips?

Instead of not voting in 2014 and saying my vote really won't make a difference, why not vote and let your voice be heard while you still can?