03/17/2015 03:22 pm ET Updated May 16, 2015

What I Hate...

I hate Republican congressional climate deniers who pick up snowballs in March to prove there is no such thing as climate change or global warming.
Solution: Political parties and voters should look for candidates who are smart, who can read, who have an open mind, and who listen to scientists and other experts.

I hate that Congressional leaders who make more than $170,000 a year are refusing to give hard working Americans the minimum wage raise they deserve.
Solution: Vote to increase the $7.25 an hour to at least $10.10.

I hate that income inequality is growing and Congress is pushing it forward rather than fixing it.
Solution: Make corporations and millionaires pay their fair share of taxes and increase the minimum wage.

I hate that banks and bank officials who caused our economy to collapse were never prosecuted and now are doing many of the same risky things that caused our previous problems.
Solution: Strengthen, rather than weaken, Dodd Frank and other legislation that regulate banks. Prosecute all offenders.

I hate that Republicans refuse to pass an infrastructure bill therefore, subjecting Americans to dangerous road conditions, potholes, faulty bridges, etc.
Solution: Raise the gas tax to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent. Then pass an infrastructure bill.

I hate that the Supreme Court is no longer a constitutional entity, but rather a bias body with conservative ideologues who think their view on an issue is more important than the law or what is good for the country.
Solution: Supreme Court Justices should have term limits that are not renewable so there is a chance for fresh ideas.

I hate that money is able to buy our elections and end our democratic process.
Solution: Reverse the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

I hate that in 2014 only 36 percent of those eligible to vote did...the lowest turnout since WWII.
Solution: Exercise your right to vote. Teach your children the importance of this sacred right. Encourage your friends and neighbors to participate in our democratic process.

I hate that people died in Selma 50 years ago to have the right to vote, and today that right is being threatened again.
Solution: Get rid of voter ID laws, increase early voting days, and making voter registration easier so that every American can vote.

I hate that in 2015 racial tensions are still high, voter suppression still strong, and Republican governors are passing laws that are encouraging this rather than punishing it.
Solution: Hold the guilty liable. The DOJ needs to take legal action more aggressively and prosecute offenders.

I hate that we have "for profit prisons" that are more interested in filling beds than justice.
Solution: The government needs to take the prison system back from private companies. Then form citizen oversight committees to monitor behavior.

I hate that a few bad police are tainting the good ones who risk their lives daily to serve their community.
Solution: Media needs to show positive police stories, not just uncaring ones.

I hate that news journalists aren't reporting only facts, but rather their opinions.
Solution: Make the news media more independent of big corporations and their interests. Save opinions for commentaries, political pundit shows, and other such programs.

I hate that some people think same-sex marriage should be unlawful.
Solution: None. Intolerant people can't be taught or reasoned with.

I hate warmongers who send others people kids to war, but don't want their own to go.
Solution: If we go to war again, implement the draft so that everyone is involved in the process, not just a few.

I hate that those that have government paid healthcare, such as Congress, don't want others to have it.
Solution: Expand Medicaid and the ACA, rather than repealing it.

I hate that women's healthcare is under attack again. Women should have the right to make their own medical decisions.
Solution: Republican men need to realize it is not their bodies or their business. Women must vote these dinosaurs out of office and replace them with 21st thinking legislators.

I hate that the oversight committee in Congress continues to waste taxpayer time and money in their phony witch hunts of Democrats.
Solution: Voters need to hold their representative accountable for doing their job and stop manufacturing faux crises. Call or write your congressperson every time you disagree with what they are doing.

I hate that many in Congress talk about creating jobs, but in actuality are blocking job creation.
Solution: Pass a jobs bill that includes more than the Keystone Pipeline or cutting taxes on millionaires.

I hate that this Congress funds things for only weeks or months, rather than long term, so we are always in an unnecessary financial crisis.
Solution: Pass adequate funding for the debt limit and other necessary actions so that the government can function as it should.

I hate that our politicians are more concerned about their reelection than doing anything for the country.
Solution: Get rid of big money and corrupt officials by everyone voting in 2016. It won't solve the problem right away, but it would be a great start.

I hate that the NRA values profits over people and continue to push guns everywhere, including college campuses.
Solution: Pass a law that keeps lobbyists from influencing our legislators and actually writing the laws they pass. Get big money out of politics. Hold representatives accountable for their votes.

I hate that Democrats aren't organized and don't speak with a unified voice.
Solution: Get a stronger leader of the DNC and begin to stand up for what you believe. All Democrats who are elected to office need to support the President, their party's platform, and their own agenda vocally and often.

I hate that now that Republicans control both Houses of Congress, they are showing that they can't lead.
Solution: Republican leaders need to stop pandering to the right wing fringe and show some leadership.

I hate that 47 Republican senators decided to write an unprecedented, ill-conceived letter to a foreign leader to undermine the President's negotiations with Iran.
Solution: Republicans need to start acting like responsible professionals and do their jobs instead of pulling stupid stunts like this.

I hate that John Boehner blows kisses at reporters, cries, won't bring actions to the floor for a vote, and needs Nancy Pelosi to help get anything passed.
Solution: Boehner needs to show some leadership or relinquish his prestigious job to someone who can control the Republican caucus in a favorable way.

I hate that we are leaving such a mess to our children and grandchildren.
Solution: Congress should stop acting like children and do their jobs.

I hate that some people like Rudy Giuliani think they love America more than President Obama.
Solution: Show your love for your country by not spreading hatred and falsehoods. Don't listen to naysayers. Listen to Obama when he speaks and you will see how much he loves and respects America.