10/15/2014 03:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

PTSD and the Future Wars

We talk about PTSD and how it affects men and women in uniform but do we ever consider what happens to the children of war or the upbringing of the children of the enemy who grow up in the war zones? What would become of them considering the side affects of war are depression and PTSD?


I suffer from PTSD myself because of the abuse I faced for much of my life, it is all out there in my biography Living in Hell. I have no secretes from my readers. I also lived through eight long years of war. I am not writing about my shortcoming for you to pity me. On the contrary, I am an educated professional who studied psychology just to understand how to handle her own shortcomings. I am here to offer this note as an advice and perhaps away to look at the crimes of future generations before it occurs. I see the side effects of PTSD in me surfacing just now I am wondering why don't we talk about what children of war may suffer from? Because they are the future fighters we will be facing...

We have to come to fact that while we have no fight with the children of the enemy; today's children could perhaps be tomorrow's soldiers of ISIS.


When I look at the Middle East, I don't just see the chaos and hate but also people who are suffering from side effects of long wars. The rage they exhibit is the gift of wars imposed on them either by their own leaders or those the CIA brought to power through terrible policies. Such a case was Saddam Hussein, which I am sure we all remember how he had to be removed from power...

I am not suggesting America is responsible for every case of PTSD in Middle East or that it is the USA fault that everything is melting down in that part of the world. That is not what I am trying to say but what would you expect from people who are suffering from the same illnesses we see among men and women who served as
professionals and trained soldiers?


Shouldn't we assume some of the violence in that part of the world is the product of Made in USA Army and Navy planes, tanks, and guns, which the Pentagon so willingly sells and promotes to now or later dictators of history?

My understanding of their violence is: Not everything we see on images broadcast from the Middle East comes from hatred of us or religious reasons, but from a disease much like depression that lurks in the hearts and minds of, not just the adults we face today, but in the children we will battle in the next generation...


Today they are ISIS members' children, which we don't focus as an enemy. Tomorrow, they could very well be the ISIS leaders. A child that witnesses or participates in beheading of adults and the joy of killing embedded in him by his father or other ISIS members will be teaching such atrocities to his own children in the future. That is how depression and PTSD becomes hate, and hate becomes crime... in my view about the children of the war..


This is my two cents, I hope I am wrong but I highly doubt it!