10/01/2012 12:39 am ET Updated Nov 30, 2012

The Language of Yoga: Love

Do you understand the language of yoga? Every culture has a communication tool -- whether it is a sound or gesture, it is a language specific to that lifestyle. The language of yoga is in the rhythms of the breath we take every day. Its in the intentions we make every moment. This type of communication within yourself opens the mind and body to the vast myriad of ideas unknown to man. Although we sometimes take it for granted, this communication is a literal energy force that is constantly nourishing cells throughout our bodies. It is the inner voice inside participating in our mortality. A complete connection to our very own DNA. Our bodies are listening; they hear our thoughts, so be mindful.

Yoga emphasizes the concept of "intention," or mindfulness. We all too often forget to be purposeful in our everyday actions and conversations. By utilizing the language of yoga, we create a mind-body connection. We can then choose to speak with energy and purpose. Our actions, our causes, what we manifest helps that inner voice be heard. You may find yourself connecting with this nonverbal communication of life and love for self and others. This is how the communication translates into love, the very thing we are all looking for.

When we speak too soon, our quiet moments disappear. We feel the tension and it vibrates in our bodies. This is our bodies' way of reminding us to choose our words, to find the space for praise and truth. There are times in our lives that we need to speak to defend a promise that was broken and feeling that was hurt. Those times are the best times to connect to the magic of power and grace, reminding ourselves that in between each comment lies praise and virtue. It is then that we connect, and with that connection, the power of love appears -- although it seems far, it is right there waiting.

My very own journey illustrates this. When I first started my yoga practice many years ago, I realized the importance of quiet moments inside, meditation in motion. The silent, yet effective, call to honor thyself. To believe that if we listen carefully, we could hear our own voices speak without judgement, that we could bring out of ourselves our true purposes in life. As I build each day, I come across moments of frustration and pain. It is then I breathe and remember faith is action. I remind myself to speak what I feel honestly, moving through the pain into passion. Passion for what I know is real and crystal clear. What is it that is inherently within us that urges us to speak the language of truth and freedom? Is the answer in the present moment, the truth of living in time? Find it when you move your body with your breath, find it when you smile at the unknown, find it when you seek the truth of the source. Most importantly, find it when you listen to the language you understand deep inside and share the love.

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