03/14/2014 11:34 am ET Updated May 13, 2014

The Simple Secret to a Happy Life

So I have been offline for a bit because life has been speeding by. It's funny how life can sometimes do that. And then one day, in just one moment, something happens and everything just makes sense. An epiphany!

One of those moments came for me this morning. A very simple moment where I actually had time to think -- to reflect. In a world that is rushing by -- those moments are so important to seize and pay attention to.

Each morning I take our little princesses to school and walk them to class. Those walks are a wonderful chance to spend time with each of them -- to connect -- even if just for half an hour.

After dropping them both off, kisses and cuddles and all, I always make my way back to my car, focused and ready to move onto the next verse of my life for the day -- work.

For whatever reason, this morning felt different.

I said goodbye to my girls and walked back with my thoughts and a smile on my face, feeling blessed and thankful for my life and my family.

Now -- don't get me wrong. I am always grateful for my life and my family -- always thankful for the blessings that come my way. But there was a silence and calm about this morning, which sometimes is not always there at that time.

In that moment I had a little time to reflect during that walk back to my car. There was no mad rush to get to court. And in that moment I was overwhelmed by a sense of "place" in this universe -- and peace and thankfulness.

It was so inspiring that I just had to write -- to write down how I felt in that very moment.

So I sat in my car and wrote my thoughts and feelings down.

After allowing this process to take place, I read it and was overcome by a sense of wanting to share it with others, because It was a simple realization of what really matters in life and how easy it is to be happy and grateful and at peace, when we choose to be happy, grateful and at peace!

So I posted it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

And what I love about it is that it really doesn't matter what you have or where you live or who you know. Life -- our enjoyment of life -- is more simple than that! Far more simple!

So here it is!

I hope you all take it with you into your day and find that joy for life that is there for the taking!

Life is life.
Each breath a gift.
Each moment a miracle in itself. Each moment a fresh start.
A chance to change the way we view our world and make life and our experience of it better.
A chance to let go of the past and move forward into the next moment.
A chance to take stock of who we are and what truly matters in our lives.
A chance to say I love you to the people who truly matter.
A chance to be the best person we can be for ourselves and our loved ones.
A chance to smile.
A chance to live!
When we are born we do not know how many breaths we will be given, how many moments will come, how many chances we have.
The secret of life is simple.
Celebrate each breath for the miracle and gift that each breath truly is.
Make the most of every moment of that comes.
And seize every chance there is!
For we do not know when our last breath or moment or chance will be! No one does!
But what we do know is that we each get a chance each and every moment of each and every day to make the most of our lives. So seize every one of them and truly live!

Need I say more?

Go and seize your day while you have that chance! And make the most of it now -- not tomorrow, for tomorrow may not come -- but now!

G x