02/26/2015 05:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Guide to Cape Town With Beatenberg

By Era Bushati

Beatenberg has played music together since 2008 but their 2014 collaboration with South African producer DJ Clock landed them at the top of the local music charts for a consecutive 14 weeks with their single, "Pluto (Remember Me)", a song that was written and recorded in one day.

Beatenberg offers a unique take on indie-pop music. Their tracklist of mellow but surprisingly danceable songs is heavily influenced by jazz, classical, and world music. Global Yodel chatted with the boys to find out the best aspects of living in Cape Town and their favorite way to interact with fans.

What is the best thing about Cape Town?

Robin: Living in the middle of nature, between the sea and the mountain.


Source: Anthea Hartzenberg

What is the worst?

Robin: There is no worst :)

What is a perfect day in your hometown?

Robin: A day in Kalk Bay is always good, breakfast at Olympia, a swim at the beach, walking around the harbour or up the mountain.

What's your favorite place to eat?

Ross: Mitico for pizza or Minato for sushi.

And to drink?

Robin: The Twankey Bar

"#WarmUp #KirstenbochConcerts" Source: @beatenberg_band

What's the hardest thing about being in a band? What's the best?

Robin: It's hard not to take your situation for granted. It's best to share the experience with your friends.

What inspires your songwriting?

Matt: Birds.

What's your favorite way to interact with fans?

Robin: Selfies.

What has surprised you the most about touring?

Robin: How quickly the novelty wears off.


"#warmup" Source" @beatenberg_band

Describe a typical week.

Robin: The week starts with meetings, admin, rehearsals and ends with flights, hotels, sound checks, gigs, fans. Repeat.

If you could tour with any band or artist from any time in history, who would it be?

Robin: The Police.

What is the most useful career advice you've received?

Ross: Concentrate on the music.

Which bands/artists are you listening to these days?

Robin: Stromae, Ramona Lisa.

Beatenburg band photo by Ross Garret.

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