10/30/2013 01:31 pm ET Updated Dec 30, 2013

London, Travel Secrets From a Local

Global Yodel sent photographer Leila Peterson out with a DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: London to get her perspective on what it means to use a travel guide in her hometown. She sent back this amazing locals' guide with a beautiful photo series!

GY: Name

LP: Leila Peterson

GY: Place you live:

LP: London, UK

GY: Can you sum up London?

LP: Umbrellas, snow shoes, bursts of sunlight, surprise heat waves, beautiful parks, and amazing little pieces of history scattered across the city.

GY: Can you sum up the people of London?

LP: A lot of really talented people here, and luckily everyone I've met so far have been so nice.

GY: What was the experience like looking through a DK Eyewitness Travel Guidebook for your own local city?

LP: Exciting! I visited Fenton House in Hampstead first, caught the train down to Borough Market, walked along the Thames to The London Eye and then made my way back to the George Inn for drinks before heading home. There were so many more places I wanted to visit for this project, it was hard narrowing it down.

GY: Did you find anything new or inspiring about London in the book?

LP: I came across so many hidden gems. Aside from the popular sites like The London Eye and Borough Market, I found Fenton House, which was beautiful and full of so much history. There were apple trees, lawn chairs, and a large garden surrounded by rose bushes and lavender. I spent a good portion of time lying under the trees. I also chose to visit The George Inn for drinks. Shakespeare and Charles Dickens were visitors to the historic inn!

GY: How did the guidebook influence the photos you went out to take of your city?

LP: I was originally planning to just visit the London Eye and Borough Market, but I found Fenton House and The George Inn while I was reading the book and decided to add them to my route.

GY: Tell us about the photos you shot for this project?

LP: I shot the photos with the intention of portraying a story of my day from beginning to end. Planning my journey, visiting the sites, and photographing all the beautiful things about London that stood out to me along the way.

GY: Occupation:

LP: Photographer

GY: Describe a perfect day in London?

LP: Coffee at Ginger and White, catching the train into the city and walking along Regent's Canal. A small lunch at one of the cafés along the water, drinks in the park with my husband, and an ice cream (with flake) from the ice cream truck.

GY: What do you love about London?

LP: How much there is to do and see! I've been here for almost a year, and feel as though it would take years to see even 1/2 of all the things I'd like to.

GY: What do you dislike?

LP: The winter

GY: What would be surprising about this place to an outsider?

LP: I can't really speak for anyone else, but for me, I was shocked by how culturally diverse the food is in London. You can get anything from good Korean BBQ to an American style burger.

GY: If London was a person or character who would they be?

LP: Peter Pan. It's been around for so long and holds so much history, yet is thriving and alive after all these years. It never gets old for me, there's always so much going on.

GY: What was your impression of the DK Eyewitness Travel Guidebook?

LP: The book made it really easy for me to discover a lot of great places. The information on the towns was so detailed and the London Underground map in the back of the book really saved me a few times!

There's just something so fulfilling about sitting down with a book and planning out a journey, the whole experience was a lot of fun.

Check out the full locals' guide by Leila at Global Yodel.

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