03/13/2008 10:55 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Eliot Spitzer's Leadership Lessons

This is not a joke. Really. As I was writing yesterday's post on my own Heartfeldt Politics Blog "The Bigger They are, the Harder They Fall (and Vice Versa)", I realized there are important leadership lessons in this Shakespearean tragedy.

Besides the obvious one -- well actually two if you include the double entendre -- in the title of the post, I mentioned this one:

No one is immune to the rules of the game.

And when it comes to political leadership, this post by Scott Swenson from Reproductive Health Reality Check gets to the heart of hypocrisy in political leadership and really makes me wonder whether political leaders will ever get it.

While media hot shots interview the expensive call girl who just happened to be the proverbial tipping point in the investigation, I'm more intrigued by why this scenario repeats itself over and over, and what leaders should take away from it. I think we can learn a lot.

What other leadership lessons, political or otherwise, do you see in Spitzer's story?