08/05/2014 03:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Reasons to Pack Less (Way Less)


We all know the age-old adage, "Pack everything you think you need, then take half." Unfortunately, that's not always easy advice to follow -- but traveling light is truly the best way to enjoy a stress-free travel experience. Still need convincing? Here are five reasons why it's worth packing less:

You'll feel more secure
It's always easier to keep track of your belongings when there are less of them. Better yet, sticking to one carry-on suitcase allows you to avoid checking your luggage, insuring you against theft, damage or lost baggage mistakes by airlines.

It saves money in the long run
With bags that are lighter (and therefore easier to carry), you won't have to pay porters to help with your luggage at hotels or airports, and you'll never have to worry about excess baggage fees. Packing light also means you can navigate public transportation without having to hail an expensive cab. You might even be able to walk with your luggage, which provides better views at a much bigger savings.

You'll be more flexible
If you've ever felt like the bag lady trying to juggle multiple bags and suitcases, you know that it's not the most efficient way to travel. Sticking to smaller (or fewer) bags means you can move through airport lines, security checkpoints and baggage claims with ease.

There's more time to savor the moment
Besides expending less energy from carrying lighter luggage, not having to rummage through multiple suitcases to find your guidebook, map or sunglasses means you'll have more time to pay attention to the new and exciting things happening around you. Plus, it'll be easier to unpack (and repack) so that at the end of the day, you'll spend less time worrying and more time having fun.

It helps the environment
It's pretty simple: traveling lighter means fewer vehicles needed to transport travelers (and their baggage) which results in lower fossil fuel consumption--and that's a good thing for the environment. Keeping luggage light allows all of us to travel in an environmentally friendly way, so that we're giving other travelers the same opportunity to see new things.

What are your reasons (or tips) for traveling light? Share them in the comments!