11/25/2013 11:43 am ET Updated Dec 01, 2016

The Bird is the Word: Thanksgiving at Five Luxury Hotels

The Thanksgiving holiday is all about expressing gratitude, but let's be frank: it centers around perhaps the most sumptuous meal we eat all year.

For those who want to truly indulge - without the fuss of thawing the bird or getting all the lumps out of freshly whipped mashed potatoes - has compiled Turkey trimmed to the nines: Thanksgiving at five luxury hotels, a guide to some of the best Thanksgiving meals being served at a sampling of leading U.S. hotels.

These turkey-centric meals come with all the traditional trimmings, but with the kind of epicurean flair that these establishments are known for. With such inventive ingredients as lobster and truffles, they're a sure-fire, tasty take on a memorable, hassle-free feast.

Thanksgiving at Five Luxury Hotels