05/30/2014 06:09 pm ET Updated Jul 30, 2014

One Year Is All It Takes to Transform Your Life

From shy and lost 18-year-old student at Simon Fraser University to a 21-year-old global youth leader who has engaged the world through AIESEC. Take a look at what happens when you begin to take heart into believing in yourself and not letting the world define you, but defining the world through your own eyes.

This video wraps up an intensive one year journey for Gordon Ching as national vice president, marketing and communications for AIESEC Canada as he begins his new position as Chief Digital Officer for the world's largest youth-run non-profit organization, AIESEC.

Key Learning Points for Young People

  1. The world is not concrete. It is only defined by what you make of it.
  2. Seek challenging experiences outside your comfort zone. You can't grow if you aren't afraid.
  3. Surround yourself with people that will lift you up. They should support you as much as they push you forward.
  4. Never let failure stop you. Failure is a stepping stone towards success and should be used as a lesson to gain wisdom and experience.
  5. Find your niche. Discover not how you can be good, but incredible. Be known for one thing and master it.
  6. Stay curious. Always ask powerful questions and dive deep into the "why" of things.

  7. Disrupt the status quo. Don't settle and be comfortable with the way things are, find ways to improve things. Add value to society.
  8. Document your story via social media. Sharing and reflecting on your transformational journey will do you wonders when you realize how far you've come. The social element will also help push you forward as people provide you with support.
  9. No more complacency. As you experience growth and success, don't let that stop you from aiming for even more. Never stop pursuing more ambitious goals
  10. Set goals. Set at least one milestone goal for yourself every 6 months and seek to pool your energy to accomplishing them.

Now take charge of your own life while you have the youth, energy, optimism and resilience.There is no better time to pursue your dreams and reinvent yourself to become the person you wish to be.