01/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Steve Nash Speaks About Trades, Politics, & Playing for NY

I recently spent time in Phoenix with Steve Nash of the Suns.

Nash is a 6'2, white, non-dunking, Canadian. He may be the least physically gifted point guard in the NBA, yet he's a two-time Most Valuable Player. It's a result of relentless determination and being incredibly selfless. Nash would always rather pass the ball and see a teammate succeed than take a shot himself, a rarity in a profession full of inflated egos.

Nash's college basketball coach said he could have also gone pro in soccer, hockey, baseball, and possibly even golf.

When not playing sports, Nash is making films. He started his own production company and has already created two Nike commercials (youtube keywords: commercial # 1) Steve Nash Training Day commercial #2) Steve Nash 60 Million Dollar Man).

When he's not filming, he's participating in his charitable endeavors through the Steve Nash Foundation which works in the U.S, Canada, Paraguay, and now Africa. In a day in age where people commonly launch foundations for tax purposes or because it's the cool thing to do, it's far more than that to Nash. While he prefers specific stories remain private, Nash is credited with saving countless lives (

Steve Nash is a smart, hard working, caring man. He's someone who embraces being a role model. Most importantly, he should be looked up to.

During a 45 minute NBC Sports television interview, Nash discussed a variety of topics with me ranging from the Suns recently trading his best friend, to the likelihood he'll play for the New York Knicks, to the art of playing his position, to filmmaking, to soccer, to his foundation, to politics, and more.

See video highlights below.

A Lesson in Life:

New Ties to Phoenix:

Art of Being a Point Guard:

Life as a Jock:

The Steve Nash Foundation:

Steve Nash the Ballet Dancer:

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