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One Dog's Search for His 'Mistress'

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Most of you know that I am Honey's Wheaton Terrier and writing partner.

I woke up this morning, did my morning stretch and went searching for my mistress, Honey Good. She was preparing my morning breakfast. Noticing me, she rubbed my head and whispered in my ear, "I love you sooo much" That's how I start everyday with Honey -- happy!

After I finished breakfast, I wandered from room to room, finally finding her in her dressing room. I immediately noticed her luggage. That means one thing: We are traveling again. My travel coat was out, my food packed and my favorite toys were all in place. I gave her kisses letting her know I was one happy pooch.

On the way to all airports, I snuggle next to her and immediately get an adrenaline rush when I feel her "joy de vivre." Not today. My mistress is not herself. I can always sense her moods. She is not texting the family; she is not on the phone, nor is she talking non-stop to my master (who I also adore). She is very quiet and sleeping. This is most unusual for my sassy mistress.

As you know, we pooches are observers! At least I am. I follow my mistress and watch. She is constantly in motion, she multi-tasks all day. It is either family, homes, social life, work, charities, paying the bills, travel arrangements, and of course, me and my Master. We always come first. She tries to be everything to everyone leaving little time for herself and, in my opinion, she is not prioritizing her days or balancing time to her liking. I am sure this is ringing a bell with many of you.

As I lay next to her on our long ride to the airport, my mind turned to reevaluating her daily schedule. I have known my mistress for eight years and know what makes her tick. I am coming to the conclusion she is devoting too much times to what feels like chores instead of what gives her pleasure. I know what to do -- I will prioritize her day for her.

I visualize a pie sectioned into four pieces not equal in size representing my mistress's day. I am going to title each section and advise my mistress to rethink her priorities and adjust the sizes of each piece of the pie. Her day is now divided into:

  • Family: 15%
  • Social/Community: 35%
  • 45%
  • Personal Needs: 5%
As her companion, writing partner and doggie shrink I think she will be a much happier camper if she started balancing time like this:
  • Family: 25%
  • Personal Needs: 15%
  • Social/Community: 15%
My mistress loves her family and is devoted to her husband and me, her constant and devoted pooch. I can see and feel her happiness when she is involved with us. So 25% of her time should go to family. She loves I see a peacefulness come over her when she puts her fingers on the keys of her computer to blog. 45% of her time will be devoted to her work. I watch her rushing for her manicure and not taking time to go on her treadmill or workout, lunch with a close friend, shop for a new little black dress or read the stack of books sitting next to her bedside. She needs to have 15% of her time for her personal needs. Her social life and community is important and necessary but I would really put that last on her list of priorities. I can see her living quietly by the sea with her family and an interesting conglomeration of acquaintances of all walks and talks of life. 15% of her time will be allotted to social and community needs.

Honey would not want me to end this post without thinking about you. Hopefully I have given you "food for thought." Make yourself a personal category chart so you can fill your day... in a happier way!


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