Increase Sales with Simple Math

2010-04-14-yhst33075655930233_2066_24097917.jpegYou can increase your sales right now if you just understand basic math and take actions that compound return on your efforts (ROE). It's simple, so keep it simple and it will work in any economy! If you just know basic math you will ensure your success no matter what is happening around you. What I say is, "I ain't scared of no recession, I know math!"

The answer to increased sales is 3 things:
1) increased levels of action that can directly impact a sale,
2) improve your selling skills regarding the opportunity specified,
3) compound the results with simple math.

First focus on those actions that will get you a sale! Most sales people and organizations are doing lots of things that have nothing to do with activities that can result in a sale being made! Focus only those activities that can generate a sale. Let's say, for example, you could find just one thing had the best chance of producing a sale, focus on that one thing.

Second step is to do everything you can to improve your skills and results around that specific opportunity. This would mean daily training and skill improvement focused again on this one selling opportunity and any challenges it may pose. Focus skill enhancement only on this focused opportunity so as to improve your chances at a real sales result.

Now that you have your focus look to increase your results by just 2% per month. If you sold 100 units last month do whatever is necessary to increase that to 102 the next month. This small improvement each month would prove huge over time. Let's say you were going to get customers that love you to give you referrals. By increasing that 2% per month you would get amazing results. Get everyone in your organization compounding their successful efforts and you will gain market share. These are not huge additions to your workday and over time, like anything your actions will start to earn compound interest.

Do the math: A 2 percent increase in performance and productivity each month yields an increase of some 27 percent in the first 12 months. That's 61 percent in two years by just doing one or two simple things that can increase your production by only 2% per month and then adding to that each month. This is how you grow your business. This is exactly what we do with our virtual sales training platform. By identifying areas that will increase sales we then demonstrate (virtually) exact actions that will improve the sales organizations chances of making a sale.

Of course, adopting any such program takes desire, discipline and determination. This concept of a little bit each day holds even more importance in times of adversity. But adversity, challenges and obstacles is what separates those who make it and those that do not.
Add just a little bit each day, whether you are working out, trying to improve your marriage or growing your business, operate in terms of compounding efforts and actions. The same with sales, add a few actions each day that you KNOW will make a difference and keep adding little amounts each day and watch your business grow!