04/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

No Job Is Safe and How to Create Job Security

The traditional thinking of do a good job and be loyal to your company is being shot in the head as people with tenure and years of loyalty and contributions to the company get laid off. Your father's idea of "work for a company that offers a retirement plan and medical coverage, do a good job and be loyal" as the way to insure your security is proving to be a myth at best.

With unemployment numbers reaching very scary numbers you must confront the fact that no job is safe, no tenure protected and no title is secure. Do not wait until you become a statistic! You should operate as though you are next and counter it by increasing your production at the job!

It is critical with companies cutting back that you know what companies want and need the most and what they are willing to fund. Your resume and successes of yesterday will not land you a job or make secure the one you have. Unemployment numbers are now 20% amongst teenagers and in excess of 9% nationwide with adults. Unfortunately these numbers will continue to go up.

Companies no longer value education, loyalty, honesty, integrity, experience and hard work but are looking for individuals that can produce and assist in driving revenue to the company! Those that can drive or assist in driving revenue to the company or who can assist in generating business opportunities are needed, wanted and the most valuable people in the marketplace!

Regardless of your position, job, title or purpose you will now have to learn how to sell yourself, your ideas, dreams, products and services and/or assist companies in doing so. In my book, Sell to Survive, I show you the secrets to insuring your security in the market place and how to make yourself more valuable and marketable. The marketplace is changing and it requires all of us to consider how we must change to adapt in order to survive and prosper.

The ultimate protection is to bring in revenue or bring in opportunities for revenue. Which means, learn to sell, market and promote!

Grant Cardone, Author of Sell To Survive