12/23/2009 10:54 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

We Deserved This: Giants 45 - Redskins 12

(Note: In light of the upcoming holidays and some deadlines for my day job, along with the fact that there's not too much to say in the "What's to like/What's not to like" section other than "Everything/Michael Boley," this will be an abbreviated post. Hope you enjoy anyway, and a good holiday to everyone!)

For us Giant fans, the past two months have been consumed with the following activities: poring over playoff scenarios and trying to calculate which good teams will have "something to play for" so they don't rest their starters; raging at Sheridan; questioning if Osi would ever be good again; coming to believe that Tuck would never stay anywhere near 100 percent for a whole season as a full-time player; lamenting the loss of Kenny Phillips, who in our minds has transformed into Troy Polamalu in his absence; doubting Jerry Reese for the first time after his disappointing free agent class of Michael Boley, Chris Canty, and Rocky Bernard; concocting conspiracy theories about Aaron Ross seeing the same doctor as Jose Reyes; reciting the "I guess this just isn't our year" refrain every time the latest injury news breaks; raging at Sheridan again; wondering how the best offensive line we've ever seen suddenly became mediocre without the explanations of extreme age or serious injury to any member; coming around to the thought that Jacobs was never as good as we thought he was, and would likely never again be good, period; thinking we might have overrated Bradshaw a little; putting stock in the Wonderlic for the first time because of the relationship between Mario Manningham's score of 6 and his absent-minded play; raging at Sheridan some more; and wondering if our championship window, which last year seemed as wide open as the holes Jacobs so easily galloped through, had abruptly closed.

After all that, I think we deserved Monday night.