03/26/2013 11:21 am ET Updated May 26, 2013

20 Plausible News Stories From 2020

1. The price of a single ride subway ticket will now cost $4.

2. Matt Lauer's mid-day talk show is cancelled after one season. This comes just two years after his resignation from Today.

3. Cigarettes within the 5 boroughs of New York City will cost roughly $20/pack.

4. NYU's new president will have lowered tuition 10 percent since peak levels in 2016. The Village still hates the school, but sentiments are starting to change.

5. Bed-Stuy and Gowanus are now New York City's hottest neighborhoods.

6. After being ravaged by two large hurricanes, parts of the Rockaways, Lower East Side, and New Jersey are no longer deemed livable.

7. There will be a sugary drink/soda ban that the public supports.

8. The 2nd Avenue Subway will be open from 96th Street to 42nd, revolutionizing the East Side and bringing rise to 1st and York Avenues.

9. There will be flying cars. (Just wanted to see if you were paying attention still)

10. Beyonce and Jay-Z welcome their third child into the world.

11. Blackberry/RIM will file Chapter 11.

12. Gay marriage will be legal in 23 states.

13. G-Chat will take over as means for online conversation.

14. The New York Times will announce an end to its print publication.

15. The penny will be discontinued.

16. Gas shortages and high prices will reach breaking points, allowing for electric vehicles to come into the forefront.

17. Hillary Clinton will be beginning her second term in office.

18. Cuba and the United States will finally end their differences ensuring an economic boom of the struggling country.

19. Anna Wintour announces her retirement.

20. Solange Knowles will be a global superstar.