07/30/2015 04:10 pm ET Updated Jul 30, 2016

Alternative Ways to Sign Off On An Email

It's unequivocally clear emails have evolved into their own form of communication. With this form comes a new standard of digital etiquette; it may seem like a minor element in an email, but a sign off conveys a lot about you to your recipient. The standard signatures have become bland: "Best," serves as the favorite default, and "Sincerely," looks better on paper. Add some color and change to your professional and personal emails with these alternative sign offs below!

In Fine Feather- Way more original and whimsical than bland ol' "Warm Regards,"!

Lukewarm Regards- Honesty is the best policy, right? This sign off maintains a degree of professionalism but also mildly alludes to your personal feelings towards the recipient. Especially when they didn't deserve that promotion, David.

Scalding Hot Regards- Follow this email up with spilling a boiling hot latte on the recipient's lap to let them know your regards are authentic.

Sigh- Because, right?! C'mon, let's be honest here.

Don't You Forget About Me- Use this sign off if you're one of the members of the band Simple Minds.

Forever Yours Until The of Time Or Whatever Various Apocalyptic Theory Turns Out to Be "The One,"-This fun and flirty sign off is great to use with someone who you might want to pursue romantically!

[A link to a Journey song]- This is just different and fun/establishes you're Caucasian!

Mmmmmmm-Great for signing off on your sexually-charged emails to your pen pal in Sweden.

[A line of meticulously curated emoji]- These emoji should reflect your relationship with the recipient. For example, if you're emailing your boss, an appropriate string of emoji would be the pencil, the thumbtack, folder, and calendar. If you're emailing your Internet provider's customer service, the string of emoji should just be sixteen thumbs down emoji in a row.

Cheers- Appropriate when emailing someone who is from The United Kingdom.

Cheers ;)- Appropriate when emailing someone inappropriately who from the United Kingdom ;).

Sent from my iWatch- Sign off with this to guarantee no response back.