09/16/2014 11:29 am ET Updated Nov 16, 2014

In the Future Everyone Will Own a Free U2 Album for 15 Minutes

It was the sync heard around the world. Pandemonium broke out over the digital landscape when U2 downloaded their latest studio effort to everyone's iCloud on Tuesday. The response to the free album flooded all of our newsfeeds, and many were offended by the band's presence on their playlists. When I saw their album show up on my iPhone, I had to do a triple glance, and then once I had registered what happened I immediately prepared my response in 140 characters or less. But then I stopped.

I like to think of myself as punk (let's just say not as punk as Joey Ramone but more punk than The Vatican), and not just in style, but, also in attitude. And then I thought to myself: what is more punk than free music in today's lucrative driven music business? NOTHING -- except maybe waived fees and run-down strip malls, but I digress. Look, if you don't like U2, that's fine. Don't listen to it. But I'm going to go ahead and give Bono and his band a generous supply of kudos (read as: expression of praise/a deluxe Kudos® variety pack) for giving everyone a chance to listen to his free music for the sake of listening to music instead of a chunky paycheck.

Still mad about free music? Apple heard you screaming into the void. This morning the tech conglomerate released a way to delete the album simply by going to Apple's website. Now that you've deleted it let's stop focusing on trivial matters like what band bulldozes their way onto our playlists, and start focusing on the things that do matter -- like what could possibly be keeping Gwen Stefani from aging.