08/18/2013 06:17 pm ET Updated Oct 18, 2013

We're All Cheerleaders

It's my sobriety birthday and the day Lindsay Lohan sits down on national TV with Saint Oprah to talk about her struggle to stay sober.

One of the reasons I don't pop out of a cake celebrating this day is that I run the risk, like every other addict, of falling off my high horse wagon if I don't watch where I'm walking as I take the twelve steps. They aren't easy and Lindsay does them in the highest of heels -- the public.

I applaud actress Kristen Johnston for having the guts to openly talk about her struggle. It helps me, it helps others, and she'll tell you it helps her. But if we fall, please don't jump on us like lions on a zebra kill.

We all live in glass houses, and some are shaped like easy to throw bottles. Lindsay isn't a fictitious character, she's a live person who makes mistakes. I'd rather buy a ticket to see her in a hit film than wonder who's going to play her in the Lifetime movie. Let's all wish her well and watch her thrive and succeed. Let's not shake our head if she stumbles and later regret not supporting her -- it's not a crazy idea.

What is nuts to me is Bill Clinton suggesting last week that all of America should become vegan. If I have to give meat and dairy up in addition to alcohol I am one step away from being a Breatharian. President Clinton runs a risk going public with his diet. Sure he's going to add years to his life and possibly help others, but if he slips and slides a burger in his mouth the world will point it's Aha! finger.

Instead, cheer for Bill. Cheer for Lindsay. And with the same prayer that I continue on the straight path, I sincerely hope we all make it.