09/05/2014 01:49 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2014

NBC's War on Women? Get a Chair!

I just read the news that Joe Scarborough is joining Meet the Press. Meet the Press just replaced a male host (David Gregory) with a male host (Chuck Todd.) While I have no part in this decision, there is a part of me that wishes a woman could have gotten the job. It is important for women, and especially young girls, that women get important jobs and thus be role models. But ... so be it ... maybe next time?

Well ... not so fast ...

I just read Politico's Dylan Byers article about Meet the Press adding Joe Scarborough to their team. And my first thought: What about Mika Brzezinski? She co-hosts Scarborough's morning show on their cable network -- why isn't she included in this? Why did she get skipped over? They can add a chair to the set.