07/26/2013 10:53 am ET Updated Sep 25, 2013


President Obama and Press Secretary Carney are insensitive and wrong about the scandals. The scandals are not phony. They are real. If you want to talk phony, maybe these two gentlemen should check the mirror?

Victims of IRS targeting were/are frightened and they don't have answers. There is nothing phony about their fear and lack of answers. It is real. When a powerful government organization like the IRS victimizes you, it is terrible. The Obama administration's lack of candor and complete answers (transparency) is breeding more and more questions.

And if the president and his press secretary don't believe there is a lack of answers, here is the obvious tip: Lois Lerner of the IRS took the 5th and refuses to talk. Lerner knows what happened with the IRS targeting.

There is likewise nothing phony about Benghazi. What IS phony is the story President Obama and his administration told about that silly video. They knew it was phony from day one. Four Americans died and President Obama and others in his administration pedaled and pedaled and pedaled the silly -- phony -- video story.

If anyone (Fox News Channel) dared to question the phony video story, the administration got all huffy and just repeated it over and over again.

They also tried to bully Fox News Channel from reporting about the silly video story (remember the State Department and how they claimed they "forgot" to put Fox News Channel on the media wide conference call when they supposedly answered all questions about Benghazi? You know they did not forget and it was other responsible news organizations that tipped us off about it. The "forget" excuse was phony. Or how about the CIA inviting every news organization but Fox News Channel to their Benghazi briefing? That no invitation from the CIA was not phony -- I believe that was deliberate.)

The irony is that the now phony accusers (President Obama and Press Secretary Jay Carney) are the worst offenders. They are the phonies. Mr. President and Jay, check the mirror.

Do your own research on this if you don't believe me. Google President Obama's and Jay Carney's own repeated silly statements about Benghazi and IRS. Check out how many times the president and Jay Carney tried to jam down the throat of the American people the silly video story -- which turned out to be dead wrong (and was from the beginning and they knew it.) Google how the president said he would not tolerate the IRS scandal in May because it was so serious and now he is calling it phony. How does it morph from intolerance of a serious matter to now phony?

So let me ask you -- who or what is phony?

(PS. Don't forget the DOJ spying on FNC correspondent James Rosen or the Associated Press.)

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