02/05/2015 03:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Show Some Love by Having a Waste-Free Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and although I think this day can sometimes be overhyped, it's still a nice excuse to plan something special for all the loved ones in your life! Whether it be family, friends, a partner, or co-worker, coming up with a creative Valentine can be a lot of fun. How about switching it up this year with some waste-free inspiration and give a Valentine that shows your love for Mother Earth too?

This year, try keeping sustainability in mind while planning the perfect V-day gesture, it's easier than you think! Here are some of my favorite ideas to get you started:

• Get creative with your love notes. Instead of going out and buying a card, craft your own with materials you already have around the house like grocery bag paper, gift wrap paper, and leftovers from your last scrapbooking phase. It gives a much more personal touch and shows the effort you put into making it. You can also write a love note on their favorite piece of fruit.

• Go for a picnic! Explore and appreciate the world around you by visiting a new park or beautiful outdoor spot. Whip up your Valentine's favorite lunch and keep it fresh in sustainable gear like reusable sandwich bags and BPA free containers. Here is a helpful guide on building a healthy lunch to go without using single-use, disposable plastics that harm the environment.


• Cook together. Skip the fancy, overcrowded restaurant and make dinner together. You'll really test your chemistry when both of you are in the kitchen, trying to make a masterpiece meal. Use locally-sourced and organic ingredients when possible. Buying from local farmers helps small business owners and reduces the harmful environmental effect of transporting industrially produced foods.

• Get "physical"! Get your blood pumping by going for a hike, jog, or walk. Leave your electronics behind and just enjoy the endorphins you'll get from some physical exercise and being with your significant other or group of best friends. I know you'll remember to stay hydrated on this adventure, but don't forget to say no to disposable plastic water bottles and bring along a reusable bottle instead. If you need help picking out the right water bottle, check out this guide I wrote to help you find the best bottle for you!

I hope you enjoy Valentine's Day this year by getting a little eco-creative with your gifts and activities! Living sustainably and toxin-free is the gift that keeps on giving.