10/26/2014 10:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Standing Up For What We Believe in Is a Little Like Streaking


Courage has many faces.

I'm speaking about personal courage, staring honesty in the face and the boldness to stand up for what we believe.

We have numerous opportunities each day to act on those moments; to step up and really be honest and affirmative for what we believe. Often we stay silent, leave it for another day because it's easier. But those moments, they add up, and silence erodes impact and our self worth. But the bold courage to speak, to stand up - that builds, that creates impact.

I read this on Twitter the other day:
"When you say something honest and hard and important to you: it should feel a little like streaking."

Definitely. Because every time we do it, we are baring ourselves, leading with vulnerability. But its worth it. As destructive as dissembling and deflection can be, the courage to put yourself out there delivers in spades!