03/26/2012 12:01 pm ET Updated May 25, 2012

Sgt Robert Bales Murder Charge? Take Responsibility America!

The news that Sgt Robert Bales was charged on Friday at Fort Leavenworth for seventeen counts of Murder is another hideous example of the United States averting responsibility for ill-thought out policy. That it was his fourth tour of duty is only one reason why this is ridiculous; to expect a human being to endure combat conditions with out repercussion in the domain of mental health is simply ridicous.

My brother, John Eugene Mulligan sufferted PTSD during a tour of duty in Vietnam and went on to write a critically acclaimed novel about it -- Shopping Cart Soldier. Not only did he contribute to exposing the seriousness and gravity of this issue for members of the armed forces, but he was and is one of the only foreigners (Scottish/British) who fought in an American uniform and addressed the United States Congress about the issue of Homeless Veterans. I have also treated this condition as the clinical manager of the Promis clinic in London, Therefore, I consider myself very well placed to comment

Whilst I understand the rule of law, and the need for people to be held accountable for their actions, I do not think this man, Sgt Robert Bales, should be facing capital murder charges. Undoubtedly 'they' will attempt to scapegoat this soldier -- who apparently never showed signs of being unhinged -- another reason why he should be hospitalized and not imprisoned.

This 'event' occured on the back of an armed allied forces vehicle being blown to Kingdom come, and here, a seasoned veteran of four consecutive tours snapped and temporarily lost all control of his volition. It is an outrage that he is being held on seventeen counts of murder in a bloody war situation. There should be a bitter outcry about this. Get this soldier the care he needs to heal his fractured mind - he is owed that. He is owed that by an administration that should never permit a soldier to endure four tours of duty.

Shame on you America

HG Mulligan