10/19/2012 09:42 am ET Updated Dec 19, 2012

Eyes in the Dark : The Album Distributed Through the Power of the Pirate

Stockholm. No, not the city in Sweden. We're talking about the band -- the band that I recently came across after hours of downloading music. I always support small/big musicians by purchasing music. However, when I found Stockholm I was on the beautiful website we call the Pirate Bay. Stockholm had an amazing idea to distribute their new album, Eyes in the Dark: they used the power of piracy and they did it with style.

The Florida-based band seems to tick all my boxes. The band claims they're influenced by bands such as Coldplay and The Killers, and their new album Eyes in the Dark, brings a unique approach to the table. Eyes in the Dark features 11 beautifully crafted songs, which range from my personal favorite "Goodbye Tomorrow" to my second personal favorite, "Don't Stop Now." Each song has a unique sound. In fact, I'd say many of the songs featured in the album could be used as WWE theme tunes (that's what I imagine whenever I listen to the band).

Want to know the only downside of this rather amazing album? There's only 11 songs. Apart from that, the album is close to perfect. Stockholm won me over very early when they allowed the general public to download the album free from the Pirate Bay that I hope to see many bands and artists follow suit and support piracy. Although like I said, I do support musicians as I believe they hold a high level of talent and this resulted in me purchasing Eyes in the Dark from iTunes after originally downloading for free. I'd like to provide the link to the Pirate Bay torrent, however, I'm going to keep clear from that and supply you with their Facebook and Twitter. If you do nothing more, just check them out and show them some love.

I'd love to hear your views on the band Stockholm and I want to hear your views on the distribution ideas of the band. I'm all for independent bands distributing their album via the Pirate Bay -- if you don't agree, why? What do you think musicians should do when trying to make it big?

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