07/31/2014 06:14 pm ET Updated Sep 30, 2014

Dereliction of Duty, Part III

I recently wrote about our Government's dereliction of duty in relation to the crisis at our nation's border (see Part 1 and Part 2). Today, this appeared on CNN and it speaks for itself. It requires no further comment from me except this: Governor Rick Perry is right. Legislators should keep working till the job is done. What Congress is NOT doing is shameful at best and a breach of responsibility to the American people at worst.

(Washington - CNN) - On the last day before summer recess, dysfunction reigned in Congress.

House Republicans called off a vote on their $659 million emergency response to the border influx from Central America overwhelming immigration resources, unable to agree among themselves about what to do.

After first saying the bill was pulled, the GOP leaders called a caucus meeting for later Thursday and said more votes could take place.

Deep divisions
The confusion showed the deep divisions between conservative and more moderate House Republicans that has caused similar episodes in the past on other spending matters.

Meanwhile, the fate of a separate $2.7 billion Senate measure remained uncertain, with increased doubts that the Democratic majority will try to overcome a certain GOP filibuster attempt in order to hold a final vote.

The result? Politicians go home for five weeks to campaign for the November congressional elections without sending President Barack Obama legislation to address what both parties agree is a humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

"It's beyond belief that Congress is abandoning its post while our border crisis continues to create humanitarian suffering, and criminal aliens still represent a clear threat to our citizens and our nation," Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas said in a statement that called for legislators to keep working in Washington "until the job is completed."