03/19/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Helping Haiti's Most Desperate Victims: Children

World of Children, the global nonprofit commonly referred to by the media as the Nobel Prize for Children has been rapidly mobilizing to support 2006 World of Children Awards honoree Susan Krabacher's heroic efforts on behalf of the children of Haiti.

A former Playboy Playmate, Susan's life was transformed by her 1994 visit to Haiti and she went on to create Mercy & Sharing, a remarkable nonprofit serving the country's most vulnerable children.

Prior to Tuesday's devastating earthquake, Mercy & Sharing operated a 106 bed orphanage, three schools serving over 600 impoverished children, a feeding program that served over 800,000 meals to Haiti's poorest children in the last year alone, and a pediatric clinic that providied immunizations and treatment for the diseases that routinely afflict poor Haitian children.

Now, with most of Susan's facilities in disarray, staff missing and unaccounted for, and thousands of children at risk of predation, starvation and disease, World of Children has already raised more than $10,000 for Mercy & Sharing and is continuing to raise additional funds virally and though all of its networks. We've also facilitated media contacts for Susan with CNN and ABC News to get the word out about the special needs of Haitian children.

Fellow World of Children Awards honorees are also actively supporting Susan's efforts in this time of tremendous need. Random Kid, founded by 12 year old 2008 World of Children Awards honoree Talia Leman, is organizing French speaking students in Texas to help raise funds and awareness; Ashlee's Toy Closet, founded by 10 year old 2009 World of Children Awards honoree Ashlee Smith, has launched a fundraising drive; and the founder of Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Dr. Jane Aronson (2006 World of Children Awards honoree and 2009 Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year), is jumping in with support as well.

In natural disasters like this, children are the most vulnerable because they are open to predation by nefarious adults, they are most vulnerable to starvation and disease, and they cannot fight for the meager food and water supplies. World of Children carefully vetted Susan and her work before honoring her in 2006 and we know that she is above reproach and that her work is real, actionable and reliable.

We encourage anyone who is especially concerned about Haiti's children to go to, click Donate Now and note on our PayPal page that their gift is for Haiti Relief.