08/10/2005 12:10 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Cosby Cult

Uh-oh, am I getting sucked in? Night 2 of "Live and Direct" provided the day's best laugh. Rita is getting all the Big Interviews, including a near-exclusive with, drum roll, please, Miss Heidi Fleiss. She, as it turns out, is back on her feet (metaphorically speaking), and she's doing an interview with Rita (although, she shares later, she doesn't have much interest in being on television--now she tells us!--and so probably won't do an interview with anyone else) to announce the construction of her new brothel in Nevada ("it's legal!"). She promises the most beautiful girls in the world, suites themed around famous designers--do I hear the approach of lawyers?--and then, because it's Rita, Heidi Fleiss confided that this isn't the end of her ambition. Two thirds of the wealthy people in the world made their money in real estate, she points out, and so...her ambition is to build "affordable housing".

Yes, brothels AND affordable housing. That's what you call a portfolio.

Can Rita possibly keep this up? This is better than "Starting Over".