08/23/2012 09:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Beyonce' Was Here, But Were You?

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the United Nations in New York City for a special performance by Beyonce'. The event unveiled the "I Was Here" Campaign for World Humanitarian Day. The underlying message for the campaign was: "One day, one message, one goal. To inspire people all over the world to do something good, no matter how big or small, for someone else."

The song, performance, and video were truly inspiring. It got me thinking about the other 6,840,506,999 people in the world not named Beyonce' Giselle Knowles-Carter.

Everyday 6,840,507,000 hearts move forward in their own unique beat. And if you listen closely most will charge ahead, looking to get anywhere...but here.

Here is a place that, at times, becomes a distant memory or, the convenient, survival trait of amnesia--a place we, at times, long to forget. It was here when we were broke. Here when we were afraid. Here when we had no direction. Here when we were lonely. It is most often the moment, time, or place in our lives where we want nothing more than to go anywhere but here, and actually go...there.

If we are not thinking about what we are doing for others trying to get there, then we have failed. We are essentially selfish. We need to be here; so that someone else can get there: forever present in the moment in all its phases if we are to truly elevate ourselves and change the world around us.

Our time, no matter how high or how low you are on the totem pole is limited, so why not share what you have personally accrued when we all share in this universal ticking clock? Time is sacred for each and every one of us. Every lesson learned within our own story can indeed be a pivotal turning point for another's journey. Therefore, don't wait for someone to reach out. Before it's even suggested, extend yourself. No matter where we are in our pursuit, we all know someone else trying to snag the baton in the race. Be the one who pays it forward. Be the one who hands it off. What do you have to lose in sharing what you have gained? Because when you look at the big, great picture you, we, are all simply waiting for next baton in just another race. In order to improve our world, which in some deep, collective desire we all want, we must share so that the transition from here to there is as seamless and easy as possible. Someone told me recently, "It's not about you" and it takes a great deal of maturity and wisdom to truly grasp the actualization of this. A lot of times we get caught up on ourselves. We get so caught up that we forget to give. We forget to share. We neglect community service. We dismiss the power of mentoring. Don't make this mistake. "Do something good somewhere for someone else."

It's all about the beat, the heartbeat of nearly seven billion souls. Like Beyonce', take a moment to truly listen and recognize how you fit in this global orchestra. When it comes to the best, the most prominent leader in a band always loves the sound of the line more than they like the sound of their own beat. Those who get it-this essence of selflessness-jam to the symphony around them. They know how to pull the beat of their own distinctiveness. They improve the music around them with a harmony that creates a force so inspiring that it blends to nothing short of that, which is transformative.

Therefore, don't be the unfortunate person, who never hears the music at all, but instead be the person who connects to the wondrous sound of your surroundings and who connects to the worldwide rhythm. Pump up the volume of someone else's pursuit. Don't fall upon deaf ears. Instead, share in the sound of dreams. Find the empowering vibration. Connect your drum beat with that of something greater than you can ever imagine. Jam to the groove of life and create an uplifting sound that does more than just link the human experience, but actually takes another heartbeat from here to there. Then, sit back and enjoy no greater harmony than the joy of pure and utter happiness in seeing a life reach a place of sheer transformation and connected change.