03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Biggest Loser Tips For Losing Baby Weight

You're still in your maternity jeans, eyeing your skinnies with envy. But in your sleep-deprived state, looking like your old self seems like a cruel joke.

For any new mom who hasn't been blessed with a body that easily lets go of pregnancy pounds, bouncing back feels like a long, long road. Even the Biggest Loser's's toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels recognizes that. We met in New York City a few weeks ago when she unveiled her new video game, Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010, to a group of mom bloggers. I asked her the question that every mom in the room wanted to know, how could we possibly look like her or one of those Biggest Loser winners when we barely have a moment to ourselves to, say, use the bathroom? She was honest and told me bluntly, "It's easy for me. I don't have a family." That said, she shared some thoughts about reframing diet and exercise for time-crunched moms, saying moms should think about being fit in the same way they think about their own children's fitness levels. "Treat your health the way you treat your children's health," she said. In other words, make it a priority. No magic bullets here. The bestselling author and celebrity trainer says getting in shape is hard work but you can do it, if you make yourself a priority. Here are more of her thoughts in an interview with The Well Mom.

TWM: Losing the baby weight feels like such a huge undertaking when you are a new mom. What are the "baby steps" you recommend when trying to get your pre-baby body back?

JM: It's all about diet and exercise. Baby weight is no different than plain old weight loss. Count your calories. Eat high quality foods in moderate quantities and get enough rest and relaxation to keep stress levels at bay.

TWM: What are the most effective ways busy moms can fit in some physical activity if they don't have time for a full workout?

JM: I am not a big advocate of NEAT, non-exercise activity thermogenesis. I would say MAKE THE TIME TO WORKOUT! (Author's note: NEAT is the theory that any movement during the day increases calorie burning as opposed to deliberate exercise.)

TWM: Do you have suggestions for "power" snacks for busy moms who may not be able to sit down for a meal during the day? What are your favorites?

JM: Organic yogurt with organic berries. If you don't have the money for organics go with fruit that has a thick skin like an orange or banana with a handful of raw or dry roasted almonds.

TWM: Why do you think moms will be motivated to work out with your video game?

JM: Moms today are motivated to get fit and be healthy because they know they are their kids #1 role model. They are the ones that have to set the example for the whole family. Moms also know that kids LOVE video games and this is a great way for moms and kids to get fit together and make it fun.

TWM: Can you suggest tips for moms to make the most effective use of your newest game which debuts this month? How can they get the most out of it? Are there tips in the video game?

JM: The game has diet and exercise tips throughout. You can program the game for any workout (beginner or advanced) with any fitness goal (weight loss or toning). The game has enough flexibility and variety that it can be individualized to meet anyone's goals and needs.

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