01/06/2012 10:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Infographic: A Year in Climate Action

2011 was a year of changes and challenges for the climate movement. In a year where millions suffered through the impacts of extreme weather and climate change, millions more rose up for them and with them.

For the past 12 months our partners and allies in the climate movement have fought tirelessly to bring change and preserve the world we want for future generations. Together with people around the world they marched, occupied, protested and petitioned. They named the names of the biggest funders fighting climate science and environmental legislation. They taught us about the big impacts of a tiny tax. They pushed governments to move beyond nuclear energy and say yes to a carbon tax. They pushed a President to stand up to big oil and pass new laws for cleaner air.

In honour of the many achievements of the global climate movement in 2011, we created this interactive infographic highlighting some of our favourite moments. If last year was the year our collective movement rose up, then this is the year we stand firm.