01/04/2016 11:02 am ET Updated Jan 03, 2017

A New Year and a Mercury Retrograde

This time of the year is historically filled with "fresh start" energy. New Year's resolutions, new ideas for business growth opportunities, and new shifts in perspectives -- from where we have previously been in 2015 to where we want to venture to in 2016. However, this first month of this particular year, we have a Mercury Retrograde coming into play.

Mercury will retrograde from Jan. 5-25. I am no astrologer (but I have one on speed dial); however I have acutely followed Mercury retrogrades for the last six years -- noting the ups and downs of my personal and professional life during each particular retrograde. What I look forward to when Mercury retrogrades is that it is the most ideal time to do what I like to call "cave time" -- going inward and figuring out the detailed plan before taking the action steps.

For many of us, the timing of this is not the best, as it is January; we want to push forward with our action steps for our new year. However, I am looking at this Mercury retrograde as an extended mindful time period to plan more thoroughly, cultivate more inner wisdom, and head back into my proverbial cave to make sure my to-do list is exactly what it needs to be for what I want to accomplish this year.

Here are my top five considerations for Mercury retrogrades:

1. Agreements made during a Mercury retrograde are highly likely to be renegotiated down the line. This does not mean you have to put your life on hold completely, but if possible, perhaps there is a way to simply postpone signing contracts until after Mercury turns direct. I get it -- life happens and sometimes you just have to sign when you have to sign. So when life does happen, cultivate the awareness and acceptance that things may shift later down the road.

2. Mercury is notorious for messing around with technology and communication. Try your best not to purchase any important technological items. My iPhone is on the fritz and I am not sure it will survive until Jan. 26; however, I am steadfast enough to wait it out regardless.

3. Cave time is one of the best times for self-realization and self-compassion. I always love to cuddle up with a hot cup of tea and my journal during Mercury metrogrades. I learn more about myself during these times: what works for me and sometimes, more importantly, what does not work for me.

4. Cave time is also a great place for creation. Really honing in on your to-do list -- whether it is work/project related or just your basic every day to-dos -- it is a great time and space to really refine your tasks at hand.

5. Laughing, rolling your eyes and cursing at Mercury are highly encouraged. I mean, what else are you going to do?

At the end of the day, we are all in Mercury retrograde together, so remember to be kind to everyone -- you never know who may have just had a Mercury retrograde meltdown.