09/19/2014 10:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why We're Afraid to Have What We Want (And What We Can Do About It)


I was terrified. Engaged to the most amazing man I had ever known, my business thriving at levels that exceeded every possible expectation I ever had, and with the release of my first novel The Quest, endorsed by New York Times Bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein -- I clearly had every reason to be terrified.

I officially had everything I ever wanted. Shortly after this realization, I began to find something -- anything really -- to worry about.

I mean, I couldn't be this happy. Could I?

And, I'm not alone. I've watched for years as my clients have similar experiences. One client lands the jackpot with her business, nearing millions and suddenly she isn't sure she is marrying the right man. Another client meets the love of her life and suddenly she can't stop focusing on how "bad" her job is.

We all do it. Because we're all afraid.

The question is -- of what? What is so terrifying about living the life of one's dreams? What's so mortifying about experiencing all that we desire (and then some)?

Could it be this -- that if we're happy, if we're living the magnificent life that we were intended to live, then we're bound to come face-to-face with this divine truth:

We deserve it. We are worthy. We are more than enough. Thriving is our natural state.

And then what? We all dance off into the sunset living happily ever after?

It would seem that yes, that is in fact what is possible. Only instead of a fuzzy image of the sunset and the closing credits rolling in a film, we are meant to continue the divine living journey. We then go on to uncover new terrains to enjoy, new areas to expand into and new experiences that allow us to live an even more conscious, rich and deep life.

But until we are ready to claim our worth, claim our deserving and know that we are powerful spirit beings in human form who came here to shine, we may continue to sabotage our successful expansion, all because we are too afraid to remember the above.

When we know our worthiness there are no longer any excuses left. We have to live our Soul's purpose, have to stay connected to other high-vibrating beings, only put high-vibrating food in our mouth and in general, cloth, adorn and shower ourselves with the bright light that we are. Anything less than fabulous will not do for us -- in any area of our life.

And while it's OK to be terrified for a short time, we cannot stop there. We cannot let ourselves systemically sabotage the rightful joy, abundance and pure awesome-ness that we are meant to experience.

So what can you do when you get hit by a case of the sabotage crazies?

• Call yourself on it. See that you are engaged in fear, fear of your worthiness, fear of your divinity, fear of living the life of your dreams. Congratulations. You are human. Now, let's let it go.

• Tap Cortices as you say, "I am a divine being here for a divine purpose. I now allow myself to live the life of my dreams." Anytime you catch yourself thinking/speaking fearful thoughts tap and say your mantra.

• Meditate daily. Fifteen to 20 minutes is all you need, but you need it daily to support you in allowing your dreams to continue to manifest, without your fear interference. Spend three to five minutes after visualizing a scene that excites you, something you would love to have occur in your life.

• Receive focused Soul Alignment sessions on this topic so as to release these old fears. There are often many, many layers (from this life and previous ones) that are contributing to the sabotage and fear. Be gentle with yourself and work with a practitioner that you resonate strongly with and trust. Nothing but the best, for the best -- remember that.

• Allow yourself to find where in your body this fear is and work with the fear, using your breath to support it in being released. Use this process for releasing stuck emotions.

• Be super loving to yourself. Eat your favorite, high-vibrating foods, wear the clothes that make you feel the most gorgeous and only spend time with people who support and love you. Remembering our worthiness can take some time, so create an environment that supports you fully.

You are not alone on this journey of amazing living and claiming the fullness of your life experience. We are all in this together, and together we can bust through these self-imposed limitations and glass ceilings, and step further into the light of who we really are -- magnificent, divine beings.

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