09/14/2009 04:56 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011


I am a pretty loyal Saturday Night Live viewer.  Through the funny skits and um, the not
so funny skits, I have often found myself in front of the TV at 11:30pm on
Saturday waiting for someone to scream “Live from NY….”  One of my favorite skits in recent
years is a Weekend Update segment that mocks the bad decisions of famous people
by asking, “REALLY…. Was that the best use of your time….. did you REALLY think you
wouldn’t get caught…. You REALLY thought....”

Last week, after a visit to Capitol Hill to talk about climate to those Senators on the fence, that skit reverberated in my mind.  As in –

Really?!? You would REALLY rather bet on archaic, filthy,
polluting industries that subsidize rogue nations instead of helping create
new, better paying, cleaner, home-grown jobs right here in the U.S.?

Really?!?!  You
REALLY think that U.S. entrepreneurs and renewable manufacturing companies won’t
suffer if we don’t act quickly. 
REALLY, you don’t think it is a big deal that China is already the
world’s leading manufacturer of solar panels and is quickly claiming the wind

Really?!?!?  You
REALLY think that the impacts of global warming are still unsettled and we need
to fund more studies?  Even though
the Pentagon and military service arms have enacted their own scenarios to deal
with Climate refugees? REALLY? You still choose to believe the pandering of the
big oil & coal lobbyists?

The fact of the matter is that this is NOT a skit.  This REALLY is about someone’s job here
in America, our nation’s economic security; the health of our country and our children’s’
future hangs in the balance.  I ask
you Congress, are you REALLY going to fail to act?  Now is the time for action.