12/14/2012 12:49 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2013

My Nominations for 2012's Word of the Year

Holiday season is upon us, with an abundance of family get togethers, office parties, the exchanges of presents, lots of merriment, twinkling lights, auld lang syne and, of course, the festive meals.

Lest it go unnoticed in the hubbub, however, may I point out that the 2012 Word of the Year has been announced?

The Oxford English Dictionary has named omnishambles, meaning a "situation which is shambolic from every possible angle," the winner this year.

According to BBC News, the shortlist also included Eurogeddon, "the threatened financial collapse in the eurozone," and mummy-porn, a "genre inspired by the 50 Shades books."

I eat this stuff up like handfuls of popcorn at the movies.

And so, I'd like to offer up my nominations for the 2012 Word/Phrase of the Year, holiday version.

What do you think?

  • BindersFullofWomen'sRecipes: a collection of yellowed scraps of paper including Aunt Rose's foolproof mashed potatoes.
  • CrispChristie: the New Jersey governor tartly deflecting a Twinkie defense.
  • Fatulence: embarrassing stomach sounds as one's pants get tighter.
  • HomecookedLand: Carrie takes a day off to uncover the secrets of her kitchen.
  • MiddleYeastConflict: a tense situation sparked by differing opinions on how to bake bread.
  • NobelPeacePie: making the same dessert year after year to avoid arguments.
  • SevenNaturalWonderBread: a miracle that this miasma of chemicals was considered food.
  • Stuffington Post: endless topics of conversation due to the inability to leave the table.
  • The Food Hangover: misadventures of three zany guys who OD'ed on the desserts.
  • WarrenBuffet: a wealth of culinary riches on the holiday table. Related: SageLeavesofOmaha
  • Wolf Blintz-er: CNN reporting live from the delicatessen.
  • WontonAbbey: Lady Mary ordering takeout on Cook's night off.

... and when planning your holiday parties, don't forget to invite these celebrities: Paris Stilton, Susan SaranWrap, Beans Affleck, CranJerry Seinfeld, Salad Field, Potatum O'Neal, Cake Gyllenhaal, BrusselSproutCrowe and Carrots Fisher!

Hungry for more? Here are my 2011 Words of the Year:

  • Bloatulism: that feeling just beyond exquisitely full that borders on nausea. Related: CranBeriBer
  • L-tryptophantasy: imagining that the dishes will be washed and put away when you wake up the next morning.
  • OccuPyCrustNow: Sitting around the kitchen table picking at the last crumbs of the apple pie.
  • BlackFridaySaturdaySunday: When only black clothes with lots of elastic will suffice.
  • NordStromboli: Craving Italian food after a tough day at the mall.
  • WeAreThe99Percent Fat-Free: swearing off carbs for the rest of one's life. Or until the December holidays.
  • WeightWeightDon'tTellMe: stepping on the scale while covering one's eyes.
  • Maaloxandbagels: our Sunday brunch menu.
  • FingerClickinGood: no more leftovers; ordering takeout online.