10/21/2011 06:14 pm ET Updated Dec 21, 2011

The Amazing Race : The Buddy System

Last week's episode of The Amazing Race was quite inspiring and insightful. Couples were not only working well with each other, a few were even pairing up with other couples. Even the now infamous fighting and bickering couple, Justin and Jennifer, showed a glimpse of a partnership. As we watched teams that had decided to pair up with one another, it became rather clear the power of the buddy system. They encouraged each other, they split tasks, and they moved through challenges quickly and successfully.

And as I watched the power of the buddy system in a high-adrenalin race around the world, it became acutely clear the great impact this buddy system could have on keeping our kids safer online.

Every day, we make sure our kids go places with a buddy. Whether it's to the mall or the playground, we insist our kids have a buddy with them at all times. And yet, when our kids explore the globe and connect with others, we forget to bring this age-old, well proven system into the Internet world, even though the Internet is a true reflection of life as we know it -- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We should ask our kids to find a buddy that they will talk to about what they are doing online, where they are going, who they are chatting with, and most importantly, what might be upsetting or disturbing them. It is a concept we've taught our kids so well, they will embrace it with little or no protest.

The buddy system is a great asset on The Amazing Race and on the amazing Internet.

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