01/02/2012 08:33 am ET Updated Mar 03, 2012

'A Modern Guide to Manners': 9 Bizarre Etiquette Tips

Etiquette guides can be invaluable repositories of practical information and common sense. If you need to bang out a thank you note to a stuffy aunt, or to verbally address a Catholic prelate ex cathedra, Emily Post has got your back.

But what etiquette guides DON'T address are the hundreds of weird-but-true situations that make up modern life. Herewith--thanks to Ryan Haney, Esther Pica, Kathleen Warnock and David Kimball-Stanley--are nine of the more complicated manners scenarios you're likely to encounter, along with suggested responses, from "Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That?: A Modern Guide to Manners" (Twelve, $24.99).