01/05/2013 01:18 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Thirteen Reasons Why Your Marriage May Fail In 2013

It is a new year. Is your marriage better or worse? After going through another holiday season, is your New Year's resolution to end your marriage this year? Following are 13 reasons why your marriage may be doomed in 2013.

1. You stop communicating.

2. You fail to have intimacy. You would be amazed as to how many marriages have little or no intimacy from a lack of trust to a lack of sex.

3. You are overwhelmed with debt. Financial instability is a major reason for divorce.

4. You have a problem with alcohol, drugs or prescription medications that you fail to deal with. Face these problems or before you know it, you may not have a marriage.

5. You spend more and more time away from your home and family. You let your career and outside interests overtake your family life. I see this in many of my divorce cases.

6. You have an affair or perhaps many. Your intimacy is with someone other than your spouse. You become emotionally involved with someone else.

7. You ignore birthdays, anniversaries and other important moments in your life and those of your spouse and children. Little things mean a lot. You would be amazed as to how many people come to me who no longer celebrate or even remember special events.

8. You are addicted to the internet and have no time for your family. The internet and social media play a major role in many breakups.

9. You are physically or emotionally and verbally abusive to your spouse and family. Abuse is a major cause of divorce.

10. You are addicted to pornography.

11. You are a shop-a-holic. I have seen cases where one or both spouses are out of control with spending and hoarding.

12. You no longer love your spouse and are unwilling to seek counseling or work on your marriage. A third party can be critical to help get a marriage back on track.

13. You can't let go of issues and move on. You can't forgive your spouse for real or imagined mistakes or indiscretions. You have unrealistic expectations that your spouse can never live up to. Remember that we are all human and no one is perfect.

These are some of my thoughts on why marriages fail. Please share yours with us.

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