04/02/2012 11:09 am ET Updated Jun 02, 2012

Bravo Congressman Rush

Congressman Bobby Rush, the Democratic gentleman from the State of Illinois, and former black panther, was led off the congressional floor last week because he wore a hoodie. Congressional rule does not allow a congressman to wear a hat on the floor. A hoodie is considered a hat, technically, a head covering , I suppose.

Rush used the hoodie and sunglasses to symbolize the stereotype of the black male of the street and to dramatize the racial profiling that goes on in America with ordinary black male John Does daily. Kudos to the congressman for requesting a hearing on racial profiling. America needs an open and honest conversation on race. Black men in America, no matter their status, all have had a "hoodie" experience. It has become a part of our cultural DNA. Listening to the TV and talk radio discussions, white men particularly are in denial, ignorant or simply don't care.

It's was a good gesture that the congressman was in Congress wearing the hoodie. What would happen if all of the black congressmen wore hoodies on the floor to make the point? How dramatic would that be? But in doing so they better be sure to stay on the Congressional floor because on the street, they could get shot or arrested or be a suspect.

Kudos Congressman Rush.