10/23/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Meet Sarah, The Ultimate "B."

The Republicans threw a monkey wrench in the presidential campaign.

Her name is Sarah Palin, the youngest and first female Governor of Alaska. She has upset the Democrats so much so that she has become the focus of the presidential campaign.

She has thrown Barack Obama off his message.

Barack is now running against Palin, the vice presidential candidate, not McCain, the presidential candidate.

She is a wild card, a wild woman and she is doing her job well. She is super woman. You name it she has been it. She is every woman, and her lifestyle is to appeal to women everywhere. A beauty queen? Yep. She is a hunter and fisher. She can kill a moose. She is a sportswoman, an athlete. She played basketball. Her game was so aggressive, in fact, that she was nicknamed Barracuda.

She is a PTA mom, a hockey mom. She has five kids, including one special needs child and one pregnant teenager. She has been the mayor and the governor and has eclipsed the incumbent men who held those positions. And as they were 'helping the little lady,' she rolled over them.

Palin is packing heat and is not a feminist by any means (though she's reaping the benefits of feminism). She even has a son who just went off to war. She is a born-again Christian, a Pentecostal who speaks in tongues. She grew up in Wasilla, Alaska. She went to five different colleges while she tried to "find herself" and finally majored in journalism. She has been a sportscaster. She married her high school sweetheart. She is an American prototype that seemingly got programmed in the computer.

Let's put her in perspective.

She won the mayoral election with 616 votes. That's a good Chicago community. She was the mayor of a town smaller than the average Chicago alderman's ward. She is against abortion and gun control. She just recently got a passport and has traveled only to Canada and Mexico. On foreign affairs, she commented, she can view Russia from some parts of Alaska.

While some wonder about her foreign travel experiences, I wonder about her big city travel to places like Chicago, New York, Washington and Los Angeles. Where is the evidence of her extensive urban visits?

Sarah has as much business running for vice president as the pig does wearing lipstick. For the past few weeks, the presidential campaign has been reduced to the pig and asking Barack to apologize for his remarks.

How about if Revlon, M.A.C. Cosmetics and Fashion Fair throw in a case of lipsticks and let Sarah and the pig pick colors? How ridiculous.

Sarah Palin is in the race to do one thing, and that is to throw Barack Obama off his game.

The campaign has become Palin vs. Obama.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee, Joe Biden, did not take her on. And the voices of reason suggest Hillary Clinton should come forward. Please. Hillary should not be the pitbull for the simple reason that she is not running. Barack has got to get back to the campaign of McCain.

What will serve Palin well, as we have seen in her solo ABC interview, is her great media presence. It doesn't matter what you say, it matters how you look and how you say it. She will be wild in a debate. She will unnerve. Her substance seems limited, and her experience is not what you are looking for in a V.P. However, she is not to be dismissed; she is to be taken quite seriously. Why? Real simple. She is a B.

That's right; she is the B word.

That is her job. Most people, particularly men, don't know what to do with the B factor. She will absolutely take you off your mark, make you miss your point and cause an upset.

Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton or Geraldine Ferraro by a long shot. She can be a disaster, a distraction and create havoc for the campaign by changing its direction, which she has done. The senatorial men, Barack and Biden, will have to take their gentlemen kid gloves off and see Sarah the moose killer rather than the lady. She is an attack dog--a pitbull, if you please. She is a tough cookie.

Society has dummied-down so much; five years ago it would have been impossible for Sarah's name to be placed in the nomination. But for today's world, she is a likely candidate. Fast-talking (of little substance), cutie pie, media savvy is a winning formula. Think about it: Who we see on TV shows has become the candidate for vice president. Meet the Desperate Housewives, American Idol game show candidate.

I am hoping that the Democratic Obama forces can rise to the occasion to topple the lady of Alaska. The election is not in the bag. There is a dead heat statistical race. Although Barack is raising more money each month, the real question is, can he raise more votes?

The crowds are showing up for Sarah. She is becoming a celebrity. Republican women are even angry that she won't be invited to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

I just hope Sarah B campaigns on Chicago's South Side and in Harlem and Watts. She would be the perfect debater for Lil' Kim.

And if you have to ask what the B stands for, you should go stand in the corner for the rest of the day, because that's no lady running for vice president.

The Republicans went and got a B, and she could win it for them.

And then she would be a darling.