02/13/2011 10:31 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Alexander Wang, The Cool Kids & Me (PHOTOS)

I shrugged off years of social anxieties as I slipped into my seat at Pier 94 on Saturday night, set to watch Alexander Wang parade his new duds in front of fashion's cool kids.

The scene before the show could easily be likened to a high school hallway before class, if you're into analogies -- Anna Wintour and Franca Sozzani catching up, Alicia Keys and Kanye West being mobbed, Emmanuelle Alt attempting to walk through without causing too much commotion, The Sartorialist, Garance Dore and Bill Cunningham up-downing each passerby, the rest of us Tweeting away, as I imagine most teenagers do these days to avoid looking entirely awkward. I was even wrapped up in (arguably bringing back) a jacket I purchased in tenth grade...but that's another style story all together.

Eventually, a procession of models started pounding along the floor to a remix of Prodigy's "Breathe," a song incidentally at the peak of its popularity when I bought my outerwear in question. The gals breezed by in sheer shirts, fur-wrapped sunglasses, layered ponchos and metallic high-heeled penny loafers, and I felt at ease with what will ultimately be my fall 2011 wardrobe. Confession time: despite the three-digit number in my bank account, I'm the ultimate Alex Wang fan girl, but who isn't these days? Everyone wants to be his best friend...I mean, wear his clothes.

All images by Getty or AP.